God is making himself a living reality in this world through the ministry of St. Luke’s.  Through our worship, he makes his presence known in word and sacrament.  That presence takes on shape in a community of disciples through participation in the spiritual fellowship of prayer and study.

Our members bear that presence to neighborhoods and communities throughout the metroplex, the nation, and indeed the world, proclaiming the good news of God in word and deed.

You are meant to know God’s love and be part of his life.  At St. Luke’s, you will.

You were created to love and serve God and your neighbor – this is the only way that humans experience true fulfillment.  At St. Luke’s, you will.

Visit us on Sunday. Feel the love. Enter into the fulfillment.

St. Luke’s Vision Statement

We are a growing community, nurturing families and individuals in the Sacramental Life of Jesus Christ through:

Praising:  the worship of Almighty God

Serving:  reaching out as a community to those in need

Sharing:  spreading the Good News through Evangelism and Christian Education