Renewal Ministries

Center for Christian Healing

The Center for Christian Healing at St. Luke’s provides learning and training opportunities on life in the Spirit, especially as it relates to healing body, mind and spirit. Visit their website for more information.

Ultreya & Cursillo

These programs are organized and led by the Episcopal Center for Renewal.  They reach out to adults in a three-day weekend, emphasizing the meaning of grace and the sacraments, the need for prayer, and ways of living our life in union with Christ.  It encourages small groups to meet regularly and discuss their Christian walk.  For more information on Ultreya & Cursillo in the Diocese of Dallas, please visit the Renewal Center’s website at or contact Winnie Doyle.

Renewal programs for children and youth

Click here for more information.

Healing Ministry

Prayer teams pray for physical and spiritual healing on behalf of parishioners and their loved ones during the 10 a.m. Sunday Eucharist. Prayer requests can be made by calling the church office, via the St. Luke’s website, or in person.