Honduras Mission 2014

Why Honduras?

Hondura Mission TripHonduras is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere.  With an average income of $250 per month and unemployment at 28%, over 53% of the population is impoverished.  Although, as you might suspect, it is ravaged by crime, drugs and disease, its people are for the most part gentle, quiet, generous, gracious and grateful.  The children are beautiful, well behaved, loving and respectful.  They are the hope of Honduras.

Under the able leadership of Bishop Lloyd Allen, the Diocese of Honduras has built thousands of homes for victims of Hurricane Mitch and built orphanages, schools, clinics and churches throughout the country.  The Diocese of Honduras is the fastest growing Diocese in the Episcopal Church, with over 70,000 faithful members in 156 congregations.  Much of this growth is due to the support of short term mission teams, such as ours, and their provision of hope and support.

Our History:

Beginning in 1996, St. Luke’s Honduras mission ministry spent the first ten years focused on the small Church of San Juan Evangelista, in the barrio of Villanueva on the outskirts of the capital city, Tegucigalpa.  The success of the work there was truly amazing.  With God’s help, St. Luke’s assisted in planting the vision of Christ in this barrio to such an extent that it is affecting the entire area.  In 2005, our mission work expanded to the very low income agricultural community of Rincon de Dolores, which is located about 30 miles from Tegucigalpa.  In 2007 we began our work in the Deanery of Comayagua in the community of Siguatepeque, which is located in Central Honduras.  Last year, at Bishop Allen’s request, we moved to the Caribbean coast to the fishing village of Omoa, embarking on a new 5-year relationship with the congregation of Iglesia San Fernando Rey, with the end result to improve their ability to support and sustain their church.


In February, 2014 St. Luke’s Honduras mission will return to Omoa to provide Medical and Dental services and Eyeglasses.  We have increased our level of dental services to include restorations, and are planning to have an even larger dental team this year.  Each mission team member will pay for their own travel expenses.  We request your support to purchase the medicines and dental supplies to treat the expected 1500 patients. Our Medical and Dental budget this year is $35,000.  Additionally, we need $5,000 to continue repairs of the Iglesia San Fernando Rey church buildings.

How can you be a part of this ministry?

Honduras Mission Trip

  1. Pray for the mission team and the Hondurans we serve.
  2. Provide financial sponsorship in any amount for the project
    • $100 provides lifesaving Hypertension or Diabetes medicine for 10 patients for a year.
    • $50 provides hygiene supplies, analgesics, cough and cold remedies and vitamins for a family.
    • $30 provides worm medication for 50 people – we provide worm medication for all patients and their family in the same house – about  3,500 people.
    • Or a special bequest of $1,950 for a Portable Dental Unit.  A specially designed unit compacted into an airline friendly 40 lb. case
  3. Join our Team!  Go with us or help support the team from home

Thank You for any help you can provide.  Donate Online.